» You were a great pet. I hope you liked me. ::FLUSH::
You were a great pet. I hope you liked me. ::FLUSH::
Posted on February 22nd, 2005 in Uncategorized

It’s been a while since I last posted. I just haven’t had anything exciting happen these past couple of weeks. This past weekend just flew by. On Friday, I had a SUPER day at work. I picked up my sister from the airport at three in the mother effin morning! Gah. I drove up to the OC with Edgar, Pammie and my mom on Saturday. My sister had some things to pick up at her work and my mom wanted to shop at Southcoast and Edgar wanted to come along for the ride haha. We went bowling with the set that night and everyone was doing hella good except for me with my 70. I’m usually a MACHINE! That’s what Mike Le says anyway. Too bad the usuals couldn’t come (Gerald and Meehchelle are both sick 🙁 Jay and Mike were in Vegas). We just hung out at Errol’s afterwards. On Sunday, Pammie flew back to Chicago, and I had two dinners! One with my family and another with Sheryll and Joey’s families for Sheryll’s birthday. The bill at Emerald was over $400. CHRIST. That’s like My Super Sweet 16 worthy. Speaking of which, those teenagers make me ILL. I get so mad watching that show, but I can’t stop watching it. LOL. It’s an addiction! Like Laguna Beach! I’m so embarassed. Two of the five episodes they’ve aired of My Super Sweet 16 focused on girls from La Jolla, CA. I work in freakin’ La Jolla. I’m just waiting for one of those biatches to walk into my store. I really can’t stand little rich girls like that (and there are SOOOO many in La Jolla). La Jolla in San Diego is equivalent to Beverly Hills in LA. Or Laguna Beach in the OC. That’s why I was surprised when they filmed The Real World, San Diego, in Point freakin’ Loma instead of La Jolla. It smells like fish over there. Awww, speaking of fish… G-Funk died (R.I.P!) so I bought another betta for my dad since he was so upset about it. I spent about fifteen minutes at Petco trying to find the right one. I don’t know what we’re gonna name him. My mom calls him G-Funk #2. Maybe we’ll just call him #2 for short. Or just #. Like Prince.

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