» My new best friend.
My new best friend.
Posted on June 29th, 2011 in family, kids

darien del rosario

The only way this kid could be any cuter is if I had somehow gotten involved 😉

I finally got to meet my new best friend today! I was planning on visiting him yesterday, but my mom got sick and was rushed to the hospital. She’s still there and not doing any better, so I hope you all send some good juju our way…


  1. Shi was all like...

    sending them now!!

    isnt our new best baby buds so cute!?!

    June 30th, 2011 | #

  2. mayan was all like...

    thanks, love! they already did an ultrasound and a CAT scan and haven’t found anything. they’re going to do an MRI today. my poor mama 🙁

    and yes, our new best buds is only the cutest baby EVER!

    June 30th, 2011 | #

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