» If the plane goes down… I’ll remember where the love was found.
If the plane goes down… I’ll remember where the love was found.
Posted on March 3rd, 2005 in Uncategorized

I’ve decided to name my new fish “Jelly” because of my obsession with Garden State. I considered naming him “Walter” because he looks like an old man with his crazy underbite, but I think that “Jelly” suits him. I think he’s really warming up to me. When I first got him, he was all hiding in the rocks and wouldn’t eat his Betta Bites until I left the kitchen (where he lives). Now whenever I go near him, he violently shakes his tiny fins until I feed his crazy ass. I guess he’s my fish. My dad’s scared to get attached to him since G-Funk bit the dust out of no where haha. So this weekend I’ll be in Big Bear SNOWBOARDING with the set! FUN TIMES! I can’t wait. Then next weekend I’m flying to CHICAGO to visit Pammie while she’s working there. I am SO scared of flying. I just keep thinking that I’m going to die in a horrible plane crash. That’s all. I don’t know how my sister flies back and forth every weekend. I would die. I’m excited because it might be snowing AND Mr. Kurt Halsey himself just so happens to be having an exhibit at Wag Artworks in Wicker Park in CHICAGO! So I get to see his beautiful paintings in person. I will probably cry from all the beauty. The weekend after that I’m taking a (LONG ASS) road trip to Texas with my girls and Edgar for Roxy’s wedding. The weekend after that I’ll be in Temecula for Roxy’s California reception. The weekend after that is Rhea’s debut that Chelface has been working so hard on. The weekend after that I’ll stop saying “the weekend after that.” Because there’s nothing going on the weekend after that.

Last weekend, I picked Pammie up from the airport and it took us TWO HOURS to get home… from the SAN DIEGO airport (which is like twenty minutes away from my house). It all started when my gas light went on. I drove to the gas station down the street from my house and saw that I had $2 in my pocket. That’s not even enough for ONE gallon of regular unleaded gas in San Diego… My sister offered to fill up my tank with her corporate credit card, so we had to find another gas station since Arco only takes debit cards. I drove down the street to another gas station. There were cars parked next to the pumps, so I assumed that the gas station was open (I mean, what gas station CLOSES?). I took off my gas cap and tried to take the nozzle off the pump holder when I noticed a padlock attached to it. I looked around and noticed that there were cars at the pumps but no one actually pumping gas into them. I asked myself, “Do I need to ask them for a key or something?” Some things sound good in my head and then I say it out loud and they don’t sound so good anymore. I drove off and took the loooong way to Rancho SD to get gas at Mobil. That’s when I noticed that I drove off without putting my gas cap back on at the other gas station. After getting gas, I drove back to the other gas station to see if my gas cap was still there. It wasn’t. I left it on the trunk of my car, so it really could have fallen off anywhere. I kept saying, “I can’t believe I did that!” but really… I could believe it. I’m such a geek. I always do shit like that! So I go back to Mobil because my sister worked there back in the day and said that people always left their gas caps so they always had extra caps at the station. She told me to tell them that I got gas there earlier that day (which I did), and left my gas cap there (which I didn’t) so that they would give me a gas cap. I’m a horrible liar. HORRIBLE. I’m convinced that the gas attendant knew I was lying. He offered me no gas caps. Now I have to BUY a gas cap at Autozone or something. I’m SUCH an idiot.

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