» AKA Baby Loneliness.
AKA Baby Loneliness.
Posted on May 3rd, 2005 in Uncategorized

Whenever I’d be out eating with my friends, I’d always feel sorry for those people who were eating at a booth by themselves. I’d come up with hypothetical situations in my head that would cause them to eat alone. Do they not have any friends? Are they on their lunch break from work? Are they single? Did their girlfriend just break up with them? I never used to eat by myself. It just made me feel really lonely. The only time I ate alone was when I was on my lunch break at work, and sometimes not even then… I kind of like the ME time now, but I think that too much time alone gives me too much time to think. I spent most of today by myself. I drove around. I picked up some Chinese take out. I went to the movies and watched Fever Pitch by myself… which made me feel even more lonely because it was a romantic comedy and it was just me and another couple in the theatre. I’ve never watched a movie alone before. I feel crazy laughing with no one around me. I found myself laughing and turning to look at no one to confirm the hilarity of something Jimmy Fallon said during the funny parts. People can’t ALWAYS be with me… Life just doesn’t allow it. I wish I was more independent like Meech or Pammie. Maybe I wouldn’t mind the solitude so much.

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