» Corneal abrasions arrr wack.
Corneal abrasions arrr wack.
Posted on May 28th, 2005 in Uncategorized

I broke a mirror at work on Monday. This is day six of my seven-year curse, and let me just say that I totally believe that I’m cursed right now. So many random bad things have been happening to me this week… and today I spent my morning in “urgent” care and waited over two hours for someone to tell me that I *don’t* have pink eye like you all thought I did (you b*tches can stop touching me with your elbows now haha). As if I wasn’t uncomfortable enough, the doctor scanned my eye with an ultraviolet light (which always strikes a nerve in the most bizarre part of my body) and it turns out I scratched my cornea and that’s why my eyeball has been extremely irritated these past couple of days… and while the doctor has told me that it’s 75% healed and should mildly sting for the next day or so, to me the pain is something more akin to sticking my face into a crate of exploding dynamite. I was prescribed no antibiotics… no painkillers. I was basically told to walk it off. Oh, and not only do I have to deal with the constant throbbing in my eye without so much as a vicodin to ease my pain, I have to wear a crazy ass eyepatch that covers half of my face for the next twenty four hours. It’s not a cool pirate patch, either. It’s this gigantic gauze pad adhered to my face with what seems to be fifty strips of tape. I came out of the doctor’s office hoping to make a beeline to my car, but Pammie busted up laughing as soon as she saw me. Everyone looked up to see what her crazy ass what laughing at. So much for my quiet exit! I wanted to go out tonight, but it looks like I’ll be staying indoors. That’s for DAMN sure.

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