» Same shit. Different day.
Same shit. Different day.
Posted on September 9th, 2005 in Uncategorized

I feel like I don’t have anything post-worthy to say anymore. It’s always the same shit, different day. I see my friends everyday… I feel like it’s summer still. I’m sure one day I’ll get sick of them (or vice versa), but right now I’m happy to see them everyday. Most of them, anyway 😉 It’s hard to keep this thing updated when I do the same thing everyday (smoke hookah, play poker, watch Mindz Alike DJ, watch the boys skate, eat Chick-fil-a) with the same people (CHIP SET!) who make up 98.2% of’s viewers. These people already know what I did, because I did it yesterday and the day before that (and the day before that) and I did it with THEM. But what about that other 1.8%? They don’t know what I’ve been doing or who I’ve been doing it with… so this one’s for you, 1.8%. I’m sorry I kept you in the dark.

Today I played my first real cash game with the set. My friends have been playing poker together for years now while I’ve been on the other side of the garage smoking hookah. Sometimes I got tired of smoking and I would go inside and hibernate. I’d be awakened by a “YOU FUCKER!” coming from the garage at four in the morning indicating my sister just lost a hand and it was time to go home LOL. Slowly, the people who used to only hookah with me started playing poker on the other side of the garage. More recently, Raul started playing and so it was just the girls (sans Pammie) who didn’t play. So yesterday, I asked Skokie to teach me how to play with them forreal. I mean, I know all the hands, I just don’t know how to play them. He taught me how to FOLD (apparantly, it’s not illegal) and how to watch out for the assholes among other things… I have a REALLY bad poker face (I got you some flowers…), and I have a tendency to think out loud (Queen Jack!), but I think I did him proud today 🙂 But anyway, besides poker, we’ve had a ton of birthdays these past couple of months. Julz, Jay, Gerald, Rome… Saturday is Raul’s birthday and Vince’s is next week… We pretty much celebrate by doing the same shit we do every other day, but we usually just add alcohol and maybe a couple of people who don’t hang out with us everyday (and sometimes fifty southsiders that none of us know). My life is pretty monotonous and uninteresting, but I’m easily amused so I’m enjoying every bit of it right now.

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