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Posted on March 26th, 2004 in Uncategorized

It’s about damn time I updated, huh?! I’ve been busy working on other projects… my Gilmore Girls website (I’m a total NERD) and Jay’s site… plus I’ve been going to school, working, and staying out late with the homies. Ha, ha. I hope you know that when I say “homies” I do it for MOCKING purposes only 😉 I always say, “I’m gonna stay home today…” and then something happens like Edgar asks me to go to the airport to see his relatives off, or Jay asks me to help him with his web assignment, or Sheenie is bored as f*ck in Carlsbad and she offers to give me gas money if I go up and see her HAHA. Things just never go as planned… Anyway, over the weekend I went to PB Bar&Grill with Ed, Gerald, Sheenie, Meehchelle, Jed, Jay, Beejaye and his homies. We were in line to get in for over an effin hour! I forgot that most colleges were on spring break… Speaking of college (like my nice transition there?), I got home the other night and found a big envelope sitting on my bed with the SDSU logo on it. I felt like Rory f*cking Gilmore except her acceptance letters were from ivy leagues and mine was from San Diego State. Haha. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride. I know it’s just SDSU, but I missed out on the whole college application process in high school… but I don’t plan on going to SDSU. I’m waiting for a big envelope from Cal Poly Pomona so I can move up to the OC with Pammie. If I get one of those little envelopes I’m going to pee in my panties. What I REALLY want is to go to an art school in San Francisco where I can hone my craft. I’m sure I could… if I wanted to be homeless and broke. I’m too high maintenance for that 😉 Anyway, my home life has been unsatisfying to say the least. I hate being put in the middle. I hate feeling awkward in my own home. I hope it’ll pass… It always does. It’s just harder because my sister doesn’t live there anymore so I just keep to myself when problems arise. It’ll pass. Maybe it’ll happen if I keep telling myself that.

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