» Web hog! Log off!
Web hog! Log off!
Posted on April 4th, 2004 in Uncategorized

I’m officially on SPRING BREAK. Yippee. No one else is on spring break, though. Haha. Except Meehchelle. And she’s only on spring break because she teaches kindergarten and her kids are on break. Meehchelle’s gonna be such a good mom! She has eternal patience with those little buggers 🙂 Anyway, I’m in better spirits because the tension has died down in the house… My parents are renovating. We’re gonna have wood stairs and tiles on the bottom floor instead of our smooshed blue carpet (just in time for those hot summer days). We’re even gonna get HIGH SPEED INTERNET. Why did my parents decide to get all this supercool stuff now? Shooooot. What’s next? A jacuzzi? A Mercedes (yeah, right! THAT’LL be the day)? I’m happy for them. They never spend their money on great things like this. It’s about time they started enjoying the fruits of their labor… It’s too bad that I won’t be here in SD to enjoy it, too! Oh, well… I’ll just enjoy the fruits of my sister’s labor in the OC 😉 Well, this is Gerald’s last week in the US of A before he leaves for the dreaded BAGHDAD. I’m so worried because I keep hearing about soldiers being killed over there… *SIGH* This past week, we’ve been spending a lot of time with Gerald. On Friday, we had a get-together for him at Meehchelle’s house again. He wasn’t as drunk as he was the last time so there was no fridge-freakage! HOWEVER, Edgar stripped to his boxers and ran around outside around three in the morning! Vodka makes you do crazy things. Especially when you’re a one-hitter quitter like Edgar. I don’t know how much you all want to see my drunk boyfriend in boxers, but I will be posting pictures up shortly 😉 Last night, I actually stayed HOME. Shocker, huh. I had relatives over and didn’t feel like going out. I hope you all had fun at Kevin’s party (happy 21st, homie! Stay away from the photo machines at D&B’s!). After work, I think I’m gonna catch a movie with Edgar… or go home and work on my GG site… or Len’s cartoon illustration… I seriously need a break from the computer… I’m on it at work, at school, at home… My wrists have been hurting a lot lately. I need to buy new ones.

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