» The “S” is for super.
The “S” is for super.
Posted on November 5th, 2003 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I spent some quality time with the boyfriend. We’re both broke after the Vegas trip! GEEZ. I’m living off my credit card for another two weeks. HORRIBLE. We went to Clairemont to eat some pho for lunch (hey ZEE, where’s the pho place in National City???), then headed over to Canes in Mission Beach to get our tickets for the Scratch Tour that night. We drove around killing some time and ended up at Grossmont where we saw more bulldog pups! Ahhhh. I want a puppy dog. We checked out some snowboard gear at Rider’s House. I’m pretty excited to go snowboarding but effin SKERD. I’m not the most athletic person out there. Or the most balanced. I get skerd just going downhill on rollerblades. I don’t know how to surf. Or skateboard… and who could forget the great skateboard crash of 1988 that left my sister with multiple wounds? The only sport I’m good at is BADMINTON. Haha. Don’t knock it till you try it. It’s TOO fun. Afterwards, we picked up Jay at his pizzad fo shizzad and stopped at L&L’s for dinner before heading back to Canes. We were HELLA early, so we just stood outside and watched the X-ecutioners practice their set. I wasn’t planning on going since I’m low on funds (or ends. or skrillahz. or whatever ghetto synonym Jigga Jay has for money!), but Bedhead Ed paid for me (thanks, buttface!). It was $50 for the both of us, so I felt bad since he’s broke also, so I insisted that he just go with Jay and I would go home and watch the WB. Haha… He said he would feel bad if I couldn’t go, and I told him it was really okay because this was HIS thing, not my thing. I didn’t HAVE to go. Then he tells me, “I want you to come, because if I go without you, I’ll just keep thinking about how you’re not there with me.” WTF? Where did that come from? LOL. Edgar NEVER says anything remotely mushy (am I right?). He must have had some kind of stroke or something. Anyway, it was SWEET 🙂 I’m SOOOO glad I went!!! The Scratch Tour was effin DOPE!!! It was Jazzy J, Mixmaster Mike, the X-ecutioners and Z-trip (what happened to Q-bert???). The highlight of the show was Z-trip! Who is this white boy?!? He was effin AWESOME! He mixed hip hop, 80s and rock music! He busted some SUPERSONIC in there along with IRON MAN and I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL. He got the crowd soooo hyped up. If the Scratch Tour comes to your town, you should DEFINITELY check it out.

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